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From unengaged email list to super engaged buying list


Increase Your Email Lists ROI by 100% in 30 days




And by that I mean…


What if, in less than a month, you could have open rates of 30 – 40% while not adding a single lead to your list or changing any of your messaging? 

Your biggest business asset is your list. But do you or a member of your team know how to keep your list clean and ensure you have great email deliverability?  Sure you have run a few re engagement campaigns through the years in an attempt to re engage your list. And yet, you still get the nasty email from Keap by Infusionsoft asking you to “clean up your list” or they will suspend your account!

If you want to learn how to never (or rarely) get that email again and increase the ROI from your current email list…keep reading!

You know that in order to increase the ROI of your list, you need to keep your list clean and email deliverability high. 

However, you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like…

How do I write emails that get high deliverability?
How do I know if I have spam traps in my list?
How long should a re engagement campaign be?
What do I do with the contacts who do not re engage?
How do I increase my open rates? 

Keeping your email list clean (only sending to engaged contacts and avoiding spam traps) will enable you to reach more of your clients with every email thus increasing your inbox deliverability and your open rate.


Email Management – Did you know there are standards of email protocol you should be following so your emails do not end up in spam or are marked as undeliverable? 

Keap by Infusionsoft is not the culprit here. It is the big three; Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. If your emails are not meeting certain criteria they will end up as spam or junk or worse – never get delivered.

I will create an SOP for you and your team, to show you how to:

  • Test for the best subject lines
  • Create the best template for deliverability
  • Test content to avoid spam or junk folder
  • Have the optimum image sizes
  • Formulate the best subscription management for your app
  • Use a nifty tool to check your content for spammy words  

Generate ROI from your marketing efforts. An engaged list is a buying list. Keeping unengaged and dirty emails on your list is hampering you from getting in the inbox of those customers who want to hear and buy from you. You have invested oodles of time and energy into your list. You need to get a good ROI from it. 

Reduce overall compliance activity costs.  Loss of revenue from having a big list that you send to that is not clean. You are going to keep having issues unless you set it up to be automated. Who is managing this for you? Email compliance is a real thing and it’s only going to get worse if you don’t get your list cleaned regularly and know the rules of the “Big 3”. 

Increase your sales by increasing your open rates and conversions. Cleaning your list improves your email reputation which lands you in the inbox which leads to sales. Cutting your list doesn’t mean cutting your sales. It means increasing your sales by NOT spending more money to get those sales.

Based on my client’s example below, what size list do you want? The 4000 that only purchased 28 units?

Or the cleaned list of 3400 that purchased 60 units?

A cleaned list will affect your ROI. 


 List Size   Units sold   Revenue  
Original List     400028$5516
Clean list340060$11820
Change -60032$6304


The choice is yours…

You can continue to get emails from Keap by Infusionsoft telling you that your list needs to be cleaned. 

You can run re engagement campaigns every 6 months and pray some people re-engage. 

You can tweak your email copy hoping they get delivered and have high open rates. 


If you want high deliverability and increased open rates which leads to increased ROI from your list, I have something for you…


4R List Hygiene VIP Intensive

The done for you in 30 days re engagement and list hygiene program that will increase deliverability and open rates. 


How We Clean Your List and Increase your ROI. 



Our first step in getting you better email deliverability is making sure your email addresses inside IFS are set up properly. We will be checking/setting up your DKIM, SPF records and DMARC to ensure proper configuration within your ESP. This will correct infrastructure issues hindering your email deliverability. 

Next, we will create a subscription center that allows your clients to segment the kinds of information they want from you. This will be done through creating a page where contacts can go to tell us what information they want from you. We will create a thank you page that will either thank them for letting us know their preferences and/or promote a product or service you offer. Never waste an opportunity to talk to your customers.



Then, we will create an email template to be used in all re engagement emails that will give us the best shot at landing in the inbox.
We will create a re-engagement campaign to those on your list who have not engaged with your emails in 30, 60, and 90 days.

Our focus will be to get them re-engage with your content so we can move them to engaged.  The campaign will be created for you and the content written for the emails. Once we have your input/approval on the re engagement emails, we will send them to your list of unengaged contacts. 

Once the contacts are done running through the campaign, about 15 days in, we will move to the second step in the process…



We will opt out or delete (your choice) those emails that are spam traps, bad email address, invalid emails, provided feedback, dormant accounts, bots and those who did not reengage with your content. You will still have these contacts on your list. You will simply not be able to send to them UNLESS they opt in again in the future. 


Using a service called Klean 13*, we will create a campaign that will keep your list clean. Every new contact will go through this campaign. Their email will be checked to see if it is a valid email thus keeping your list clean. This does not keep the contact engaged. Only keeps the list clean. 


Using a service called Deliverability Defender, contacts who become unengaged at the 30, 60 or 90 day mark will automatically go into the re-engagement campaign to get them to re-engage with your content and thus keeping them as an engaged or unengaged contact on your list.


*Add Ons – Klean 13 Price is based on number of emails:


Price       Contacts      
Starter           $9710,000Monthly Detailed Reporting
Basic$13725,000Monthly Detailed Reporting
Deluxe$24750,000Monthly Detailed Reporting
Super$497100,000Monthly Detailed Reporting
Supreme$1297250,000Monthly Detailed Reporting


What makes the 4R List Hygiene VIP Intensive different?

4R List Hygiene VIP Intensive is the first re-engagement and list cleaning service to walk your or a member of your team through the exact steps to keep your list clean month in and month out. 

You will receive a written SOP based on your specific Keap account so all members of your team will understand list clean up, creating saved searches for cleaned lists, how the re-engagement campaign works and how to make changes and much more. 

Join 4R List Hygiene VIP Intensive Today!

Re-engagement Campaign built for you

Emails to re engage your list

Klean 13 campaign built to keep your list clean from spam traps and bots 

SOP based on your specific Keap account to run re-engagement campaigns in the future or on auto-pilot



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Meet Monique 

Hi, I’m me Monique Cunningham! I’m the Keap expert behind all of this and I sure am thrilled to have you here. 

Whether you’re just starting your business or been in the game for years, there’s something you should know…

Over the past 10 years, I’ve had the great honor of helping scores of entrepreneurs just like you squeeze every bit of marketing automation from Keap by Infusionsoft. So it’s given me the chance to learn some BIG lessons.

What I’ve learned is this…

An engaged list is a buying list. Most business owners don’t take the time to properly clean their list because they are too busy BUILDING their list. Until finally one day, they look up and realize their list of 10K+ is actually only a list of 2K or less. 

Proper list cleaning and reengagement are the KEYS to a buying list. And I want to help you get there. You paid a lot for those leads in ad spend, time writing emails and team costs.
Don’t let them die on the vine. Let me help you get your list reengaged and see your ROI soar. 


With great love,