Meet Monique Cunningham Team (MCT)

Monique took her years of expertise in public relations, marketing, and project management and created Monique Cunningham, Virtual Assistant.  Along the way, many of her clients began to use Infusionsoft. Thus began her love affair with everything Infusionsoft related.  What began as a virtual assistant company has morphed into an online business strategy and implementation team. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs meet their business goals, assist them in creating their marketing plans and implementation.

Needing more help with her ever growing business, in 2016 she began to add team members. The Monique Cunningham Team is always growing with qualified and dependable virtual assistants you can count on to move your business forward.

Want to know a little bit more about Monique Cunningham Team? Read on!

Meet Monique Cunningham

Hometown: It’s complicated.  Born in Louisiana but raised in several states and in Germany.  Louisiana is home.  As my name indicates, I am Cajun French and dang proud of it.
Relationship: Married 25 years to my true companion, Scott.  We have three fabulous kids, two dogs, and a rabbit.

Who I am:

  • First and foremost I am a Christian.  Depending on your life experiences that could be a bad thing or a good thing.  It is my goal that by my actions you will see what an authentic Christian looks and acts like.
  • I am not perfect but I try *really* hard to meet or exceed people’s expectations.  Sometimes too hard. I will always be harder on myself than you will be on me.
  • I absolutely love my family.  I consider it a huge privilege to have been a stay-at-home mom for the formative years oMeet Monique Cunninghamf my children’s lives.  I want every mom to have that opportunity.
  • Singing is like breathing to me.  I cannot go a day without it. I’ll sing anything from 80s music (Pat Benatar is my high school idol) to Chris Tomlin.
  • I love to laugh and have fun.
  • I am extremely extroverted. I have a larger than life personality that doesn’t always come across in how I write about myself.  So you really should just call me to find out what I ‘m really like.
  • I love to help people whether it is giving them advice in their business or just mentoring a new mom.  I believe we all can learn from each other.
  • I’m a planner and organizer.  I thrive on order not chaos.
  • I don’t do well with drama which makes me wonder why God gave me two girls.  Oh well, I’m learning to cope with drama but I still don’t like it.
  • I don’t like mincing words.  I will tell you exactly what I think in a nice Southern way.
  • I am enthusiastic about life, my business, my family, football and lacrosse games.  You get the picture.  I’m just enthusiastic!
  • I believe the glass is half full.
  • I hate taking the scenic route to get there.  I want the most efficient route. Period.
  • I am adventuresome.  My teenagers always cringe when I go on a church trip with them because they know I will do *everything* they do.  Rappelling and white water rafting are my two favorites.
  • I love a great glass of red wine over dinner with friends.  Just warms my heart to connect with people.
  • I have owned a computer since 1987 and have no idea how anyone functions without one.
  • I love to cook anything but I don’t like it to be too complicated.  Paula Deen’s recipes are the bomb!

If anything I have written here resonates with you, connect with me and let’s talk about getting the help you need in your business.  I really want you to enjoy your life *and* your business.

Want to learn more about me? Click below to listen to an interview with me and the founder of AssistU, Anastacia Brice.



Meet Michele Attaway

Hometown: I was born and raised in Louisiana. I spent my growing up years in the town of Minden and moved to Shreveport after graduating college. My accent definitely gives away the fact that I’m a true southern girl. 🙂

Relationship: I was widowed in 2006 and have never remarried. I’m the proud mom of twins who are seniors at Ole Miss and three fur babies named Winston, Daisy, and Marley.

Who I am:

  • I’m a Christian. I love my Jesus, I love the Bible, and I’m on an endless quest for wisdom and instruction. Knowledge is my passion.
  • I’m a dreamer. I dream about everything!! I’m not talking about dreaming while I’m asleep; I’m talking about envisioning myself in wonderful places doing incredible things and touching people’s hearts.Meet Monique Cunningham Team
  • I’m an online shopping addict. I don’t like going to stores—especially to buy clothes, but take me to a flea market and I’m in heaven.
  • I love bright colors, clouds, rainy days, smiles, soft blankets, hugs, candles, laughter, football and baseball, sweet tea, music, porch swings, flip flops, office supplies, cool weather, cupcakes, fresh tomatoes, monograms, movies, books, planning, decorating, organizing, new opportunities and lots of other things.
  • After 28 years in corporate America, I decided to pursue other endeavors that would allow me to spend more time with my family. I chose Virtual Assistance as the means for supporting my family because it allows me to use my skills and experience in helping others build their businesses while I build mine.
  • Relationships are very important to me!

Monique Cunningham Team


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