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Back in the day, before I had kids and a business to run, I was meticulous about our family’s finances. I had envelopes for my husband to put debit receipts in. I updated our checkbook daily. Balanced the checkbook every month to the penny. If you have taken Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Course, you will know that I was the “geek” in our family. Consumed with the numbers and where all the money went.

So how did I get so sloppy about our finances as the years rolled by?

Kids, schedules, busyness were always my excuse.

UNTIL… the other day I just decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Ever been there?

I knew how to create a budget, it was *sticking* to the budget that was the hard part. How could I change my behavior and make it stick?

The answer? Coaching.

Every time I have needed to move my business forward, I’ve always enlisted the help of a coach. So why not with my finances?

I reached out to a financial coach with Dave Ramsey and a successful entrepreneur in his own right. Greg provided a *free* 90-minute consult to see if my husband and I would benefit from coaching with him. We laid it all out for him. The good, the bad and the ugly. Greg was not surprised by anything we told him nor did he judge us for our bad financial decisions. Yeah, we have made a few, to say the least.

The coolest part was how Greg explained to us that how we saw our parents handle finances influences how we handle our finances. That was pretty eye-opening for me. You see, I want my kids to handle money correctly. I can’t expect them to do that unless they see me and my husband do it. And to date, we have not been ideal role models.

But all of that has changed this month!

We have a budget and we are sticking to the budget. Bills are getting paid on time and at the end of the month, we still had money in the BANK!  Now we have a plan. As a woman, that is so empowering and safe. And dare I say, peaceful.

Next, we will be tackling my business budget. And I am so ready.

Are you struggling financially either in your family budget or business budget? Running out of money before the end of the month? I’ve been there and I can tell you from where I sit now, it is sooooooo much better.