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Today I want to share with you one of my favorite products that I use with some of my clients. It’s called Fix your Funnel. If you ever have used a text messaging software or a way for people to get into your funnel, that is what Fix your funnel is all about.

I particularly like it because it integrates really well with Infusionsoft. I’m going to show you how it does that using this client’s app as an example. The first thing I’m going to do is create a messaging conversation. There’s a lot of features to Fix Your Funnel. The one thing that I use the most is the messaging conversation. We’re going to focus on that first.

This is particularly great for a client who is a speaker and is at a live event and wants people to just text to opt in for a freebie or report. They can either text into to get a free video series or series of newsletters or business information. It’s a great way for the speaker to grab that information because you’re exchanging information via text messaging.

We’re going to grab this one right here because I need to duplicate it because this client would like me to have what we call a generic one that she can use over and over and over again that will put them into a sequence into Infusionsoft that will deliver these two videos on communication for her.

The first thing we will do is duplicate an existing messaging conversation. We’re going to give this one the title of Healthcare.  And the key word that people are going to type in is the word “heal”.  When they text in the word “heal” to her number, we will begin this text message conversation with them.

The first thing that’s going to happen is we are going to type in our conversation. These are all preset for now. If this was not done, you would add a step to get their information. You want to keep the information you request kind of short and to the point.

On the first one we will ask for their first name.  You can also ask for a last name but we have found that you get more opt-ins if you just ask for the first name. You can always go back later in another campaign and ask for more. We just asked for the first name. This creates a contact record in Infusionsoft and puts their first name and email into the merge fields. You can then merge their first name into the next message you send them. Once you have their first name and email address we can tag them. And this tag right here puts them into a campaign that delivers the emails.

Now you can also, if you don’t want to put them in a campaign, you can send them the links directly. You can do that right here. I’m going to show you how you can do that. This is the text message and you are limited on characters. You want to keep it short. You’re limited to 160 characters and right here are trackable links you can click there and you can add a trackable link.

For instance, for my client these videos are right here. And so I would type this. And indicate the destination URL. And if I wanted to I could give it a tag, but I’m not going to. I will click “Save.” And so now I can add that trackable link by just doing that. And now at the end of this it would take them to the URL. The link would show up in the text message conversation. So it looks like it actually doesn’t show up there. But this would be a link and they could click on that link and it would take them directly to this page so they could watch those videos right there from their phone.

The reason why you probably want to send them an e-mail is just in case they could not watch the video right then and there. Say they’re at a large conference and really didn’t want to watch those videos immediately but they wanted the link. They wanted to be able to go back and review them. So you want to send them an e-mail so you could do both. You could send it to them right here in the link and/or you could also send them the complimentary video series.

Let me show you what that looks like.

We create a tag.

Remember when we were doing the opt-ins in Fix your Funnel, we gave them a tag and that tag triggers off this campaign and puts them into this series of emails. It could be any number of emails you decide upon.

Getting the tag in Fix Your Funnel puts them into the campaign in Infusionsoft. It’s nifty to have a text messaging service like this. It increases your engagement with people. People are looking more on their cell phones these days than anything else.

If you want to test mine out, you can text HEAL to 866-575-8838 you will get subscribed to my client’s communication videos. Her name is Dr. Neha Sangwan. And she’s very good at communication.

I’m glad I could share with you how I help clients use Fix Your Funnel to build their business. It’s a great resource to have and it works really well with Infusionsoft. If you’re looking for a text messaging service to use with Infusionsoft, I highly recommend Fix Your Funnel.

How are you using text messaging in your business to capture leads? Leave me a comment below.