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Monique Cunningham virtual assistant and Infusionsoft expert here. I wanted to make this quick video and let you know a little bit about who I am and what I do. I’m taking this challenge from the www.savvysexysocial.com about doing a video every single day in the month of August and I’m committed to that.

I haven’t been very active on social media and so I want change beginning with the month of August. If you want to learn more about the challenge go here.

And what better way to start than telling you about how I became a virtual assistant. I’m Monique Cunningham. I live in Louisiana. I have three kids. I’m married and have two dogs a grand dog and a rabbit.

How did I become a virtual assistant? Well, seven years ago my husband and went through some financial issue. We both did not want me working outside the home. He asked me “is there you can do on the computer. Seeing that you like it and you are always one it.” I don’t really know. I did a lot of searching and came across the becoming a virtual assistant. I went through a program called AssistU. This incredible program to train virtual assistant and became a certified virtual assistant. After that training began my business. At first I just thought I’d be like a generalist. And I really liked the coaching industry in particular. I loved how it enabled to change the lives of people so quickly. I love coaching. I love that somebody comes along side you and helps you whether it be in your business, your finances, your health whatever it is. I love the coaching industry. So, it kind of veered towards the coaching industry thing attracted a lot of those people into my business.

And then over the years what happened is, two years into my business, I had a couple of clients who started using Infusionsoft. If you are not familiar with Infusionsoft it is a very large and very robust contact management relationship system. Through my clients, I was able to learn Infusionsoft fast through their through their programs and then eventually I became trained by another virtual assistant who is incredible technical person named Sharon Broughton and became certified through her program as well.

Ninety-five percent of my clients use Infusionsoft. So, I’ve kind of become known as the go to gal for anything Infusionsoft at least in my small circle of the world. I love helping clients use it to the fullest extent because a lot of people don’t use all of the features of Infusionsoft. And I know how to use all of those features because of all of the clients I’ve worked with. I’ve seen people use it on a very small scale. I’ve seen clients use it on a massive scale.

That doesn’t mean I don’t work with clients who use MailChimp or constant contact. I do I just love all of the benefits and features that Infusionsoft offers a business person. So, if you are using if you are using Infusionsoft or are thinking about using Infusionsoft or just are in need of help with all your marketing and your planning and your content management, I’m your girl. Leave me a comment down below. Tell me how you stumbled into your business and how you started creating your business. I would love to hear your story. Thanks. See you tomorrow.