Monique is great at taking a 40,000 foot view of your business and then mapping out a plan to get you to your destination. She is great at strategizing and implementing.  She works with clients at various levels – what level are you?

Cessna – Are you just starting out and need a landing page, website, ezine templates or some other project to get your business moving along quickly?

Lear Jet - Maybe you have most of the pieces in place but you need someone to fill in what’s missing, help with strategy, get your ezine sent consistently, get things implemented from your marketing plan.

747 – You know what you want and how to get there, be it the 6 or 7 figure mark. You are playing big in your industry and need more help. Monique only works with a few select clients at this very personalized level.

Case Study: Sarah (not her real name) wanted to create an online coaching program to help entrepreneurs gain more visibility.  She had a plan but needed someone with the technical know how and a bit of strategy to really pull everything together. We helped connect all the technical pieces like Infusionsoft, Customer Hub, Schedule Once, Lead Pages and Stealth Seminar. We also created policies and procedures so everyone on the team knew how things worked. In just 4 months. Sarah was able to create on online coaching program that generated $140,000 in revenue!

Does your business need an online business manager? Schedule a call with Monique to see how she can help you grow your business.