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I was so excited to give my website a fresh new look using the latest Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. I spent months rewriting the copy so it was just right. Finding the best images to convey my new brand. Got a new logo. I was all set.  I figured it would take me a good 3 – 4 hours on the weekend to get it all up and running.

Well… not so fast hot stuff!!

While Divi is an easy theme to use and has a gazillion different options, I got stuck figuring out how to get my new logo to be sized correctly. Then I couldn’t put images where I wanted them. Putting the content was the easy part. Designing was where I got stuck.

All this to say that this is *exactly* the reason you should entrust the redesign of your website to a talented and competent web designer. And I’m not talking about Raj in India who charges $4 an hour to redesign your website. While Raj may be very capable, you may find that you will spend way more time communicating what you want than the time he actually spends on the design.

Trust me on this! I have seen it happen all too often with my clients.

That is why today I am turning the rest of my website design and configuration over to Tami Savage. Tami is incredibly gifted in designing and managing websites for clients. She even has a maintenance package called WordPress Peace of Mind you can purchase and she will manage all aspects of your site for you. When my site was hacked viciously about a month ago, it was Tami who cleaned it all up and got my site back and running in less than a day. Money well spent.

All this to say, as a business owner you really can’t do it all, nor should you try. Know what you do best and leave the rest to the experts. Is there an area in your business you are struggling with and need some help?

Contact the Monique Cunningham Team and let’s see how we can help you.

P.S. If something doesn’t work on my site right away, know that Tami is in the process of fixing my mess 🙂