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More Opens = More Sales

👇🏻 Apply to work with me!


1️⃣ The application and discovery call will tell is if we are truly a good fit to work together, or if there is a different resource / expert that is better suited to where you are in your business.

2️⃣ Once payment is received and agreement is signed, we’ll start with a 90 minute deep-dive kickoff call. We will dig into your Keap app and run some diagnostics to see the health of your list.

3️⃣ From there, I will begin to build out everything. Reengagement campaign, subscription center and integrating Klean 13 into Keap to keep your list clean.  Even a fresh clean engaged list to email to that you and your team can find quickly.

4️⃣ And yes – I test EVERYTHING! I will leave you and your team with video training and SOPS so no one is left in the dark.