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What Clients are Saying

“I partnered with Monique as my virtual assistant because I had purchased Infusionsoft and it was just sitting there. Unused. I never had time to do anything with it. Monique helped me to create campaigns and came along beside me to think through the best way to use Infusionsoft for my business. As a result of working with her, I have been able to generate more income, build a bigger list and learn how to nurture my current clients. If you have Infusionsoft or are thinking about getting it, you NEED Monique to help you set it up and implement the marketing ideas that are brewing in your head. She will save you so much time and effort!”

ROBIN BENNETT, CPDT-KA.The Dog Daycare Experts, The Dog Gurus

“We are much better organized with our standard operating procedures and getting things working more smoothly and efficiently with our CRM, Monday.com and Google Drive. ”

DAVE DUBEAUMoney Partner Formula for Real Estate Investors

“Monique was instrumental in taking my business online. As an esthetician, I had no idea about all the technology (nor how to use it) it took to have an online business. She wrote job descriptions for team members, interviewed, and managed them. Without Monique, I would not have the business I have today. She is AMAZING!!”

KIM MANN, ESTHETICIANOwner, Skin and Tonic Maui and creator of the Tighter & Brighter Method

“I brought Monique on as our OBM as we needed systems to be cleaned up - namely Infusionsoft and SOPs updated. She did a stellar job keeping our systems updated and cleaned up. She was always professional and at the ready to help when needed. And that is really important when working in a company where so much tech can go wrong at any moment.”

DR. SHERI ROSENTHALCreator or Retreats Made Easy

“Monique Cunningham is a superb online business manager. She is an expert at Infusionsoft and many other applications that are crucial for conducting a successful online business. She recently spearheaded the launch of my book, Overcoming Fake Talk . Without her expertise and experience, I would have been lost. She was the sole reason that we were able to complete a successful launch. I couldn’t have done it without her. She is conscientious, extremely detailed-oriented, and an absolute joy to work with.”

JOHN STOKERDialogue Works and author of Overcoming Fake Talk: How to Hold Real Conversations

“In searching for an OBM, I was looking specifically for one who was skilled in Infusionsoft and could help me manage and launch my campaigns and products. Monique was not only fabulously competent she is generous in her patience and ability to manage details. Honestly, she becomes your "right arm" and in my fast-paced state of business she is a calming strength and support that helps me manage a myriad of projects, fragments and a host of specifics without a glitch! With Monique, I was able to generate over $80,000 in sales in one month!”

DIANE NELSONBusiness Coach

“Monique, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your ability to prioritize, organize and keep me on track helped me to grow my business in ways that never would have been possible without your help. Your knowledge of social media, funnels, and Active Campaign were critical in the successful launch of my online Divorcing Gracefully program. I also appreciate the kindness and care you extended to my clients when providing superb customer service. If you're thinking of hiring an OBM, look no further! Monique is the real deal.”

DONA RUTOWICZOwner, Divorcing Gracefully

“Monique is amazing! She is the right hand that is there before I know I even need her! She is excellent at thinking through the details of each campaign we do – and remembering what needs to happen and when! She is super responsive and on top of it – FUN!!”

KEN STARKSSenior Loan Officer, The Starks Team

“Digital business is stressful! But I worry a lot less with Monique as my OBM. She is efficient, proactive, smart, and supportive. She not only keeps my business running but also gives me great business advice to help me to grow it. I call it her "Mo-Magic..."”

JO WERTHER, LCSWCreator of The New Plan A

“Since working with Monique, I have been able to completely free up my time for other things in my business instead of spending up to an hour a day working on my social media and Infusionsoft emails and shopping cart. I have complete peace that the job will get done and so I can relax knowing that it is in Monique’s capable hands. There is nothing I have needed that she hasn’t been able to do or find the answer for me. Monique is so easy to work with, always happy with a great attitude. Her being in America and me in Australia is not even an issue, it’s nice to know she is working for me while I sleep. I couldn’t be without her in my business now.”


“I contacted Monique to help me with on-going Infusionsoft by Keap campaign support. I had used other vendors to help with the project but they seemed to only complicate campaigns and make them difficult to manage. Monique was able to help me think through each process of the campaign that resulted in us meeting our goals. She saved me valuable time in updating and testing campaigns. She also was able to suggest other tools we could integrate with Infusionsoft by Keap that improved our client experience and made our team more efficient. With Monique you get it all; efficiency, ideas and a partner that cares about your business.”


“Having gone through the Clients on Demand Course, I knew I needed a membership site but had no clue how to set one up. A fellow Clients on Demand member recommended Monique. Monique took full responsibility of the project from selecting which platform best suited my needs to inputting all the content for my site all the while giving her best marketing advice. The result was a beautiful membership sire that is easy for clients to use and easily accessible for me to update. Monique’s work is very high quality and she is educated in many software platforms. She was able to selection the best solutions for my business based on my needs and budget. You need Monique is your corner if you are building an online business!”

DOREEN CRISCIOwner , Survive & Thrive

“Working with Monique is a HUGE asset to my business.

I had very basic knowledge with regards to Infusionsoft which meant I was under using it and leaving money on the table. Monique stepped in and cleaned up my messes, created funnels that made money and automated everything that could be. Such a gift!!

She is extremely detail oriented, organized and efficient. If she isn’t clear on something with Infusionsoft she will call them and find out. Her customer service is exceptional.

Along with her Infusionsoft brilliance, she is also an expert with launches and Membership sites.
Thank you Monique, I am so grateful for you!”

GLENYCE HUGHESEntrepreneur, Coach, Access Consciousness Facilitator

“When we first started searching for an OBM we needed help with upgrading our old server based software. Monique has set up the campaigns in the new system that we would have never done otherwise! Monique has made the transition from our server based software to the modern approach in a smooth, quick and professional manner. If you are looking for an expert to help you upgrade and systemize, we recommend that you reach out to Monique.

Just do it. Get a plan together and step through it one by one and see the magic happen!”

RICHARD CARNEYIT Business Analyst, Material Management Software, Inc.

“I was looking for someone to help with the technical aspects of running an online business. Monique fit the bill perfectly! She is organized, knowledgeable, punctual, efficient and easy to talk to. Since she has been in the online world for several years, she has great feedback on my ideas. I know that with my business in Monique's capable hands, my business will run smoothly.”

MELISSA RICH, LMFT, Ph.D.Owner, Your Happy Life

“Monique Cunningham went above and beyond my expectations in training me on Infusionsoft. Wow! There was a lot to learn but Monique made it doable and inspired confidence and independence while answering all my questions. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Infusionsoft Expert. My business transferred quickly into the program with her expertise. Monique gets 5 Stars in my book!”

MARCIA RAMSLANDOwner, The Organizing Pro

“Monique has the ability to sort through the layers of a project and define a step by step process that brings it all together like magic. With her support I have been able to focus on more client attraction knowing that the day-to-day project management details are getting done on time, satisfying clients and freeing up my time to do more of what I love!”

CINDY MAYOwner, Cindy May Marketing

“I am honored to recommend Monique Cunningham. I have known Monique for many years and she has the the strongest work ethic of anyone I have ever come in contact with. She is very organized and detail oriented...Her character and track record of success speaks for itself. I highly suggest Monique and her services to anyone looking for someone to help take their business to the next level.”

KIM GIBBSOwner, National Staffing Inc.

“Mo and I share many of the same traits as moms, wives and businesswomen, but the real value she brings is in the areas where we differ… organization and details. She is an intelligent sounding board when I go off on creative tangents, yet skillfully keeps us focused on tasks which will move my business ahead. She has stamina and enthusiasm when mine is running low, taking on the nitty-gritty details which zap what precious energy I have left, so I can do the work I most enjoy and which also makes me money.”

NOEL GOLDMANInventor of Strap Tamers

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