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What are you focusing on in your business?

As Tom Brady says, “Focusing on the wrong things essentially means you’re getting better at getting worse.” … Drop the mic!

To us, this explains so much of why so many businesses fail to reach their goals: because they are constantly getting better at getting worse. Because they’re not making time for the right things that would move their businesses forward

Implementation is one of those things that you NEED to focus on to move your business forward.

The best million-dollar idea will not succeed if you don’t have a team to implement it and make it a reality.

That brand new marketing strategy from your awesome coach does you no good if it sits in a drawer or in a file on your computer.


This is where we see so many entrepreneurs get stuck. They do not understand how all the millions of pieces fit together to create what they want.

In their mind, they only see the finished product or course.

And… usually, they suck at planning.

Are you ready to get out of your own way and hand that piece off to a certified Online Business Manager that has implemented successfully for over 10 years?

Let’s do this!

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“Monique, thank you! Working with you has been instrumental to my business. Your ability to organize and get things done has been a true asset. As I am often trying to balance multiple projects at once, I truly rely on you to keep me on track and ensure nothing is overlooked. Your Infusionsoft expertise has allowed me to automate many of the processes in my business so that we can deliver excellent customer service to our clients.

If you’re looking for top notch support to implement your business vision, Monique Cunningham is who you need on your team! I know I do.”

JEAN KELLERCreator of Smart Plan for College