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Is there some way you can make money using your computer?

That was the question my husband asked me over 10 years ago. I’ve owned a computer since 1987 so I loved using it to organize my life, pay bills, type up recipes etc.

His request seemed reasonable and I wanted to contribute to our family’s finances. After all, we would soon have kids heading off to college.

… and that bill terrified me.

At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom of three children, volunteering regularly at my kid’s school and church. Little did I know all of my life experiences and skills would culminate in starting my own online business that quickly hit 6 figures.

While scrapbooking one day at a friend’s house, another friend mentioned she was a virtual assistant. She piqued my curiosity and I immediately went home to read all I could about it.

I had two questions for her:

1) Could I still be a full-time mom to my kids?

2) Could I make serious money?

She answered “yes” to both.

Within 9 months, I was an AssistU grad and had my first client within a month.

Along the way, many of my clients began to use Infusionsoft. Thus began my love affair with everything Infusionsoft related.

After serving many clients for over 10 years, I realized that the level of service I was providing was at the Online Business Manager level. Not only was I implementing in my client’s business, but I was also strategizing with them. So I became a Certified Online Business Manager under Sharon Hunt and changed my business to Monique Cunningham Team.

Today, I love what I do, and my clients love the results I produce for them. I now know that all those years using a computer when most people didn’t have paid off. I believe that internet marketing is a powerful way for anyone to grow and scale a business.

Extraordinary results!

I create time and space for my clients to work in their Zone of Genius. Which in turn enables them to work on the most profitable pieces of their business.

I’m confident my team and I can bring YOU extraordinary results too.

Let’s talk about how you can harness the incredible power of marketing automation and implementation to grow your business fast!

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Introducing the Team Part of

Meet Monique

Hometown: It’s complicated. Born in Louisiana but raised in several states and in Germany. Louisiana is home. As my name indicates, I am Cajun French and dang proud of it.

Relationship: Married 30+ years to my true companion, Scott. We have three fabulous adult kids, a daughter-in-law and son-in-law and two dogs.

Who I am:

  • First and foremost I am a Christian. Depending on your life experiences that could be a bad thing or a good thing. It is my goal that by my actions you will see what an authentic Christian looks and acts like.
  • I am not perfect but I try *really* hard to meet or exceed people’s expectations. Sometimes too hard.
  • I will always be harder on myself than you will be on me.
  • I absolutely love my family. I consider it a huge privilege to have been a stay-at-home mom for the formative years of my children’s lives. I want every mom to have that opportunity.
  • Singing is like breathing to me. I cannot go a day without it. I’ll sing anything from 80s music (Pat Benatar is my high school idol) to Chris Tomlin.
  • I love to laugh and have fun.
  • I am extremely extroverted. I have a larger-than-life personality that doesn’t always come across in how I write about myself. So you really should just call me to find out what I’m really like.
  • I love to help people whether it is giving them advice in their business or just mentoring a new mom.
  • I believe we all can learn from each other.
  • I’m a planner and organizer. I thrive on order not chaos.
  • I don’t do well with drama which makes me wonder why God gave me two girls. Oh well, I’m learning to cope with drama but I still don’t like it.
  • I don’t like mincing words. I will tell you exactly what I think in a nice Southern way.
  • I am enthusiastic about life, my business, my family, football and lacrosse games. You get the picture. I’m just enthusiastic!
  • I believe the glass is half full.
  • I hate taking the scenic route to get there. I want the most efficient route. Period.
  • I am adventuresome. My teenagers would always cringe when I went on a church trip with them because they knew I would do *everything* they did. Rappelling and white water rafting are my two favorites.
  • I love a great glass of red wine over dinner with friends. Just warms my heart to connect with people.
  • I have owned a computer since 1987 and have no idea how anyone functions without one.
  • I love to cook anything but I don’t like it to be too complicated. Ree Drummond is the bomb!

If anything I have written here resonates with you, connect with me and let’s talk about getting the help you need in your business. I really want you to enjoy your life *and* your business.

Maria Nadel

Hometown: I was born in Belgrade, Serbia. Being raised and schooled in Europe, having a programming degree from the US, and living a free-spirited lifestyle I think out of the box, take calculated risks and implement approaches that will make your business stand out no matter what field it is in.

Who I am:

  • I am a passionate mama of two girls who inspire and teach me daily… all about what I was before I was told what I should be.
  • I am a passionate wellness advocate and have much knowledge in this field. Healthy and vegetarian foods, natural remedies, non-toxic living, spiritual well-being are only a few of my special interests.
  • I do understand priorities when it comes to allocating time in order to grow in the right direction. I am here to understand what a business needs, implement the projects and advise from my own experience.
  • Juicing, Meditation and Essential Oils have been the keys to not only my body well being but a
  • Spiritual Freedom as well.
  • I have a tattoo on my wrist… it says: “just love”. Love is my Superpower.
  • In the spare time, I am a dreamer, mommy, passionate traveler and magic maker. Creating my beautiful journey and so happy helping clients get where they wish it to be.

“Having gone through the Clients on Demand Course, I knew I needed a membership site but had no clue how to set one up. A fellow Clients on Demand member recommended Monique. Monique took full responsibility for the project from selecting which platform best suited my needs to inputting all the content for my site all the while giving her best marketing advice. The result was a beautiful membership sire that is easy for clients to use and easily accessible for me to update. Monique’s work is very high quality and she is educated in many software platforms. She was able to select the best solutions for my business based on my needs and budget. You need Monique is your corner if you are building an online business!”

DOREEN CRISCIOwner & Founder, Survive & Thrive

Marketing automation and implementation are where we really shine. We can help make all those amazing ideas you have swirling around in your head a reality.

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